Walkable Grand Rapids

On a recent walk through the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, we discovered more than 20 taste bud tantalizing eateries…all just steps away from the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. If you have a taste for hearty Italian, spicy Mexican, global street eats (and cocktails), fresh veggies, seafood or steak, let your nose guide you to fun and entertaining dining choices.

Walkable Grand Rapids

If you have only 20 minutes, try the deli, one of the coffee shops or ice cream spots, sushi takeout, specialty pizza or the Irish pub. Be sure to visit the elegant wine bar! And don’t forget to peak into the art museum gift shop, the apothecary, art gallery and boutiques along the way. You can walk it in 20 minutes!

But why not stay awhile? Grab your snack and enjoy an outdoor concert in Rosa Parks Circle.

Walkable Grand Rapids 2

(If you’d like to go farther or faster, check out these greater Grand Rapids options for outdoor summer fun with walking tours, kayaking, hiking, biking, and paddle boarding.)




This is part of our Convention Series, written by Cathy Kaiser. We thank her and all of Region 4 for their continued support and excitement of Convention 2020.