The Quota South Pacific Area Scholarship for Work in the Fields of Speech and Hearing.

The Quota South Pacific Area Scholarship for Work in the Fields of Speech and Hearing was established on May 4th, 1981, with the signing of the Trust Deed on May 4th by the three appointed Trustees – Sheila Drummond (Speech Therapist), Audrey Cunningham (Accountant) and Noreen Cloonen (Solicitor) – all members of Quota clubs in Melbourne, Victoria.

This Trust Fund is outside the parameters of Quota International Inc. and has been funded by clubs in Australia and New Zealand for the past 38 years for the purpose of to supporting the speech and hearing impaired through the professional development of those who choose to work in these medical fields. The Trust is administered by a dedicated group of Quotarians who voluntarily give of their time and financial resources to attend two meetings a year to select the Scholarship recipients, as well as an AGM to ensure the Trust Fund continues to serve its purpose.

Over the years, a majority of the Scholarship’s recipients have been awarded the funding to travel to conferences, symposiums and workshops overseas to further their knowledge and expertise in their chosen profession relating to speech and hearing.

In 2019, Jenny Bergman and Jessica Balfour-Ogilvy were the successful joint recipients of the scholarship valued at $8,000.00. Both work at the Hear & Say Centre in Brisbane, Queensland. With the assistance of the Scholarship, they were able to travel to Denmark and the UK to visit International Hearing Implant Programs, Auditory-Verbal Therapy Centres, a hearing technology international headquarters in Denmark, as well as attend and present papers at the AG Bell Symposium in Madrid, Spain – “Learn. Network. Connect”.

The excellent and very professional report they provided after their trip highlights the professional and international community benefits which this Scholarship continues to provide to recipients working in the fields of speech and hearing in Australia and New Zealand. One notable example, also highlighted in their report, is the pivotal role which Quota has played since 2004, in supporting the introduction of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening in the region.

Read the full report here.