Quota Quick Update - May 2019

Dear Quota Members,

Welcome to a new issue of the Quota Quick Update. Here’s the latest news!

What ROCKS in Quota???

  1. You ROCK! WHY? Because donations to Quota International have reached US$161,096! Thanks to your generosity, your club’s generosity, and the generosity of members at 2019 Regional Meetings, we are only US$28,849 away from eliminating Quota’s entire budget shortfall this year. Thank you to every member who donated this year, or who still plans to donate. Your gift is making a difference.

  2. Quota’s Regional Leaders ROCK! WHY? Because this year’s Regional Meetings have been TERRIFIC! Sixteen meetings have been held, and five more are set to take place this month. International Representatives report wonderful enthusiasm from sea to shining sea throughout the world of Quota. Rep’s are sharing very important presentations on Quota’s future that have been well received. Copies of the presentation will be available on quota.org after all regional meetings are over.

  3. Quota’s Clubs ROCK! WHY? Because Club Presidents are now reporting the incredible successes clubs around the world have achieved since May 1, 2017. You are melting our Quota hearts here at the Washington, D.C. office with your wonderful Quota Cares Month, Volunteer of the Year, and Signature Project Award applications. (Don’t miss out – awards applications are due JUNE 30!) Club President Annual Reports are sharing even more wonderful activities, and we sure are impressed. For example, QI of Gridley in California, USA, transformed 50 young girls ages 4 to 12 into “Princesses for a Day”, many of whom lost their homes in the terrible Camp Fire started on November 8, 2018. The Camp Fire destroyed the nearby town of Paradise, California, home to one of Quota’s clubs. Gridley members have been working to assist all residents impacted by the fire in a multitude of ways. What is your club’s special story? Share it today! (Club President Reports and New Club Officer Forms are due anytime now through September 30, 2019.)

  4. Quota’s International Service ROCKS! WHY? Because Quota members change lives! First, this month we’re celebrating Better Hearing & Speech Month and clubs are sharing their plans and activities on our Quota Facebook page. Stop by, join the conversation, and share your club’s hearing and speech successes. You’ll find links to valuable resources there, too. Second, be sure to read more about the HISTORY of Quota’s service work in a brand-new article in Quota’s Century Series entitled, “Service is What We Share”. And third, our new United in Service Committee is busy working on new project suggestions that will ensure your club service will rock and roll in the year ahead. Their recommendations will be coming soon.

  5. Quota’s 2020 Convention will ROCK next year! WHY? Planning has begun, and Region 4 volunteers are charged up and ready to lend their helping hands. We can’t wait to entice you to join us in Grand Rapids next July 2020 with fantastic tours, fabulous fellowship events, and a very meaningful meeting. Check out the latest Convention 2020 Promotion from our Region 4 friends, and view our new Convention flyer! Mark the dates of July 9-11, 2020, on your Quota calendar!

In closing, thank you for the many ways you make Quota ROCK in your home community. You are all ROCK STARS in Quota International’s eyes.


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The QUOTA QUICK UPDATE is written by Nancy Fitzpatrick / Executive Director / nancy@quota.org / 202.331.9694

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