Quota Quick Update - March 2019

Dear Quota Members,

Welcome to the March issue of the Quota Quick Update! Here’s the latest news:

*First QI Strategic Step Successful

As announced in December 2018, the Board of Directors has undertaken a new strategic initiative, Beginning Quota’s Second Century of Service, to define our future structure. The first step of this plan has been achieved – raising sufficient funding to complete this fiscal year. Quota International sold the first of its four office units, and these monies will help offset any budget shortfall not covered by donations by the end of our year (September 30, 2019).

The sale occurred just days after Quota’s 100th birthday in February. Having sufficient funds to complete our year gives Quota the gift of time to plan our organization’s future beyond Convention 2020.

We are now moving to the next step in the strategic initiative – gathering feedback from members who attend 2019 Regional Meetings. At your regional meeting, your International Representative will provide an updated “Progress Report” on Quota’s fiscal crisis.

Additionally (and most importantly), she will give you and your fellow regional members the chance to share your suggestions and recommendations for Quota’s future structure via small group discussions where feedback will be collected. The Board of Directors will use this data as part of its research in defining Quota’s future, cost-effective direction. We would like to have as many Quotarians participate in these discussions as possible, so please plan your attendance today!

Lastly, for the latest Quota news, read President Emilie Simon’s new President’s Message, a quarterly report on the State of Quota’s Union.

*Counting our Quotarians

Quota’s latest membership statistics are now available online. Check your club or your region’s latest numbers. Quota International’s official membership number is 4,054 members, as of October 1, 2018, the start of our new fiscal and membership year. This is a drop of 316 members from our last dues collection date, January 1, 2018. We also had a loss of 14 clubs, bringing our total number of clubs down from 233 to 214. The topic of Quota’s membership will be discussed in this week’s Leadership Call between Club Presidents, Regional Directors, and Board Members.

*“HOT” Financial News!

Quota’s donations temperature is rising quickly! Since last week, the total amount of donations we have received since October 1st has grown from U.S.$115,005 to U.S.$145,223! This exciting jump of U.S.$30,218 in fewer than seven days is due to continued member donations to our Century Program as well as a special large donation received from a dissolved club, QI of San Jose, California, U.S.A. As per its bylaws, the club donated its remaining funds to Quota’s We Share Foundation – U.S.$21,037.

Our Q-Donations Thermometer now measures donations made to all Quota and We Share Foundation donation programs (with the exception of our Hand-in-Hand Program, which collects donations forwarded to approved Hand-in-Hand projects). Our total non-Hand-in-Hand donations goal for the year is U.S.$189,945 which includes $38,600 for our projected donations budget (which has already been met) and an additional donation goal of $151,345 to offset our 2018-2019 budget shortfall. With a little less than seven months left this fiscal year, we only have U.S.$44,722 left to raise! That’s AMAZING! Thanks go to all members and clubs who have made donations to any one of our programs, including our popular Century Program. We are grateful to you! Century donations will be accepted throughout Quota’s 100th year.

*Check Out Quota’s Web

  • Region 4 Quotarians provide some pretty SWEET reasons to attend Quota’s next convention to be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A., July 9 to 11, 2020.

  • Our Quota Centennial Series has just published a new installment. Did you know that Quota’s initiation fee of U.S.$10 has not changed in 100 years??? Learn more about Quota’s early years in The First Decade….

  • Check out Quota Club 100th year photos now rotating on our Quota Home Page. We will be profiling more of YOUR 100th year photos on our Home Page in the coming year. Our source for identifying photos is Quota’s Facebook page. So, share your 100th year favorites online today! (Note that we can only use horizontal photographs; if we select your photo, we will request a high resolution version from you.)

  • Quota’s 2019 New Member Form and 2019 New Member Guidebook are now available online. Please use these latest versions.

  • Get great ideas and learn about clubs in other corners of our world by reading new club newsletters recently received. Send yours to staff@quota.org so we can publish and share your news, too.



Nancy Fitzpatrick

Interim Executive Director

Quota International

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