Quota Quick Update - June 2019

Dear Quota Members,

Welcome to a new issue of the Quota Quick Update. Here is the latest news!

High Marks for 2019 Regional Meetings

Were you one of the lucky participants at this year’s Quota Regional Meeting series? Members around the world gathered in 20 different conferences held in Aruba, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Philippines, and the United States. Congratulations and thanks go to all Regional Directors for planning successful and informative meetings. Board of Director Representatives, who attended each meeting and conveyed special international messages, reported great enthusiasm among the attendees. Participants assisted Quota International by engaging in small group discussions and providing feedback on issues related to Quota and its future. To keep all Quotarians in QI’s Regional Meeting information loop, the international representative’s meeting message is now available to read or print online.

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

A new article in our QI Centennial History series has just been published. Quota’s Administration and Administrators, written by Past International President Beris Pritchard, is a profile of Quota’s administrative evolution, the locations Quota headquarters has called home, and staff leaders (General Secretaries and Executive Directors) who served during the organization’s first 100 years.

Join the Conversation

Have you visited Quota’s Facebook page lately? Check out the latest news and communicate with members around the world.

  • View a letter found in Quota’s historical files from the wife of actor Spencer Tracey (Louise Tracey) who marked the death of Quota Founder Wanda Frey Joiner in 1968 with a donation to Quota’s then-club in Los Angeles, California. More historical documents to come!

  • Join a worldwide Quota conversation on how clubs around the world partner with other organizations.

  • View photos from Regional Meetings and post your own.

  • Send congratulatory messages to clubs sharing their local successes, and post your own! Pictures are always appreciated.

Give Grace a Gift!

  • Who is Grace? Grace is Quota’s WONDERFUL, enthusiastic, hardworking, and very caring Community and Programs Manager. She is one of only two full-time employees in Quota’s headquarters (the writer of this newsletter being the other!).

  • What gift shall I give Grace? Grace would greatly appreciate the gift of receiving all new AND LOST club members on a monthly basis. Knowing our losses as well as our gains helps us do a better job in planning for Quota’s future during these times of change.

  • How can I give Grace her monthly gift? Simply send all membership changes (with forms and fees for new members) to Grace at staff@quota.org. You can be assured that Grace will be grateful!

Thank YOU, Generous Members!

With donations and jewelry sale proceeds from several final regional conferences to be processed, Quota International is only US$22,386 away from donations totally eliminating the 2018-2019 projected budget shortfall of US$151,345. President Emilie Simon and members of the Quota International Board of Directors are deeply grateful for the generosity of members around the world in helping QI turn around its fiscal crisis. Watch the donations meter on Quota International’s home page for future donation updates or make a donation here. (For more information on Quota International’s finances, governance, and membership, please read President Emilie Simon’s May President’s Message.)


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