President's Message - June 2020

June 26, 2020

Dear Quota Members,

June has arrived, and I am greatly heartened by the conversations now underway around the world between groups of clubs creating plans to stay connected going forward into the future. Some local clubs are planning to support each other’s service and fundraising activities; still others will organize occasional fellowship activities. Some regions want to continue to communicate and perhaps meet. And in two Quota countries—Australia and the United States—national committees composed of member volunteers are assessing a potential more formalized connection of clubs nationwide. Both countries are reaching out to clubs via surveys – telephone in the US and written survey in Australia.

So far, fewer clubs than expected have notified us that they are dissolving for good. I view it as wonderful news that so many of our Quota clubs are creating their new service club identities – most remaining independent in their home communities and a few choosing to join other service organizations including Lions Club, Kiwanis Club, and Rotary club. Wanda Frey Joiner’s legacy will live on in the hearts of all clubs that choose to remain active, in whatever new way each club feels works best for their individual members. We plan to report what we know about the future of every Quota club as we come closer to the time that Quota’s international doors close.


Meanwhile, Quota International remains open for business through September 30th, and I have some exciting news and opportunities to share with you


With great excitement I announce to you the news that Executive Director Nancy Fitzpatrick has formalized an agreement with the Buffalo Museum of History in Buffalo, New York, U.S.A., to accept the donation of Quota International’s historical archive. QI was founded in Buffalo in 1919. Items to be accepted will include personal items owned by Wanda Frey Joiner including her diamond Quota Q membership pin (which had been displayed in our Quota headquarters), the archive of Board Meeting Minutes from 1919 on, the archive of Convention Minutes since Quota’s first convention, our complete archive of The Quotarian Magazines published since 1927, and our elegant framed portrait of Founder Wanda Frey Joiner. Items will be shipped to the museum at the end of September. We are delighted that Quota’s history will be protected in this special way after the organization dissolves.


Our Quota Memorabilia Silent Auction is open for business online. While we have had many sales, new items have continued to be added to our offerings. We have something for everyone’s budget and we will ship to any Quota country that is able to receive international mail from the United States. Shop away here! In addition, we’ve added exciting new items to our online Quota Store, so be sure to check it out.


Quota International has launched a new opportunity for members and clubs around the world to unite in service one last time. While Convention 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19, our traditional convention Service-on-Site Project has been extended beyond Grand Rapids, Michigan, to the world!

The Kids Food Basket in Grand Rapids, Michigan, nourishes children living at or below the poverty level with critical evening meals. While local volunteers prepare and pack sack meals to distribute to children in need on a daily basis, Quota International is inviting members around the world to decorate and ship brown bag meal sacks and/or donate to the Kids Food Basket project. Learn more online on our Kids Food Basket International Service Project Web page which includes a short video from Kids Food Basket founder Mary Kay Hoodhood, who was going to address our convention in person. Our thanks go to the members of QI of Grand Rapids who arranged this exciting final “Unite in Service” project.


We are pleased to announce that a new plan ensuring the continuation of funding opportunities for Hand-in-Hand World Service Clubs has been created. The new plan includes the combination of volunteer oversight via a team I will lead and free services offered by Facebook and PayPal. Quota International will set up and market ONE central Facebook page that is dedicated to Hand-in-Hand Projects prior to the dissolution of Quota’s International structure. Facebook is a free service and, therefore, there will be no charge for usage of this site. All projects interested in receiving future support will be required to post and advertise the projects for which they wish to receive future funds. We will assist clubs with setting up the proper accounts to receive donations via PayPal. The volunteer team will provide the assessment and oversight that is currently carried out by QI staff. Learn more about the program here.


While Quota International plans to refund membership dues monies to clubs after the sale of the final Quota International office suite, the organization will need to retain monies to operate the organization after dissolution and during the winding up period. United States Federal Law requires that any monies remaining after the “winding up” period must be disbursed to nonprofit organizations based in the United States. With the assistance of the United in Service Committee chaired by Past Central Area Director Mary Pribich, the committee recommended two organizations to receive remaining monies. Both organizations are based in the United States but have a global reach in their programs and services. They include:

Disadvantaged Women and Children: Save the Children

Hearing and Speech Service: Alexander G. Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The Board of Directors voted to accept the committee’s recommendation and so these two organizations will be the recipients of final funds, if any.


Quota International is offering two ways that you can remain in touch with fellow Quotarians from other communities and countries.

First, our Quota International Facebook page will remain live, and by “liking” the page now, you will receive future updates. Volunteer administrators will assist us by keeping the page going into the future. We hope every club will continue to share news.

Second, submit your name and contact information to the Quota membership directory we are creating. The directory will be private and only available to those Quotarians who submit their own name and contact information.

In closing, Quota International is still actively working on your behalf and we expect to continue to provide additional communications, resources, and assistance through September 30, as per our plan. We are grateful to each of you for doing your part to protect your club’s future and ensure its continued operation. Remember that we are here to help in any way we can, so please contact, and we will respond!

Yours in Quota,


Emilie Simon

2018-2020 President