President's Message- February 2020

Dear Quota Members,

When a natural disaster occurs in one of our Quota countries, members always rise to the occasion with helping hands. In Australia, record-breaking temperatures and months of severe drought have fueled massive fires across the country. The lives, businesses, and homes of some Quotarians, or their loved ones, have been devastated by this terrible tragedy. The good news is that we have not received word of any members losing their lives, though we do know that these fires have claimed over 30 people and significant wildlife. Financial donations in Quota’s name have been made by members around the world to organizations providing relief services, and in Australia, hands-on assistance is also being provided.

Here, near my home city of Manila in the Philippines, the eruption of the Taal Volcano last month (January 12) has disrupted the lives of many as well. The eruption required some evacuations in areas close to the volcano, and the spewing ashes have also required the use of face masks, which now are out of stock. In recent days, intense activity has rocked the volcano with well over 200 earthquakes, which could be a sign of another eruption. While we, the Quotarians who live in this area, are fine, it has impacted the quality of our day-to-day life and the air that we breathe. There is a continuous effort in sending relief goods to the various evacuation centers, but some affected residents wish to visit their homes to check on their livestock, which could be very dangerous to them.

One month has passed since the Board of Directors announced its proposal for dissolving Quota’s international structure, and while members around the world have expressed some sadness, the primary reaction shared with both Board Members and staff is one of relief that clubs worldwide will be given support and financial assistance to continue on, and hopefully grow in their home communities. The good news is that Quota service will continue on beyond September 30, 2020, the day slated for our closing. Additionally, keeping our Quota International Facebook page active in the years ahead will allow the sharing of news, successes, and perhaps even needs for disaster donations or supplies when other such tragic events occur.

This week our beloved organization celebrated its 101st Birthday, and for all of us, I know that it is a bittersweet celebration. Millions of people have been helped in our 101-year history, and the legacy Quota International will be leaving is the continuation of Quota’s spirit of service in the 201 clubs who today are changing lives in Quota’s name around the world. Eliminating the international structure and reducing costs for our clubs operating today, as the Board has proposed, is simply a new way of enabling Quota service to continue for years to come. It is the right decision, especially for those whom we serve around the world.

Yours in Quota,

Emilie Simon

2018-2020 President