President’s Message - August 2019

Dear Quota Members,

Great news! Quota International’s new Web site,, is LIVE!

Why did we create a new site?

First…because we wanted a fresh new Quota “look” to share with the world. WE CHANGE LIVES and now the world will know it!

Second…to improve your online Quota experience! You will find that locating information is a breeze and our new online store will make Quota shopping easy! Our new Member Center is THE place to go to get all of your Quota questions answered.

Third…because a new site will actually SAVE Quota International money! How can that be? Because the Web site we are replacing and the database we already replaced were housed on an expensive platform that cost Quota many thousands of dollars each year. We now OWN both and our annual Web-related costs are reduced to $260 a year.

Here are more details about our new site:

  • Our new URL is to make it easier to stop by and visit. If you type, you’ll still reach our new site. You’ll love the clean design of our home page and how easy it is to maneuver around our site.

  • We brought back QUOTA EXPRESS NEWS so that it is easy, once again, to connect with Quota INTERNATIONAL. Find links to all Quota communications in one easy-to-find location plus some new additions including “Quota in the News”– the latest articles published about Quota clubs around the world collected using our new Google Alert. We also made it easy for you to find archives for publications like this and future President’s Messages, Quota Quick Updates, and previous issues of our award-winning The Quotarian magazine. Our social media links are contained there as well, so it truly is one-stop shopping for all Quota news.

  • Our new MEMBER CENTER organizes information for members, clubs, club presidents, and regional directors so that any question’s answer is easy to find. You’ll also find links for everything ranging from GOVERNANCE to NEW CLUB ORGANIZATION to HOW TO WRITE A BYLAW quickly and easily. Additionally, our Member Center also contains: club programs and awards information; resources for club leaders; regional information; and resources for Regional Directors.

  • With the launching of our new site we are also introducing our new UNITED IN SERVICE PROGRAM – which includes two new signature projects for clubs. Our goal is for every club in Quota to adopt at least one as a way of Uniting in Service with clubs in other communities and countries. Guidelines are available online, in the Member Center of the new site.

  • Our new web site also contains complete details on all of Quota’s DONATION PROGRAMS and makes it easy to designate donations made online to a specific program.

  • Start planning next year’s participation at CONVENTION in Grand Rapids! New on the site, learn about our 2020 POST-CONVENTION FRIENDSHIP TOUR, a Quota tradition.

  • You will want to direct new and potential members to our ABOUT page where they can learn more about Quota International and our history. Then, send them to our JOIN page where they can see the locations of Quota clubs worldwide.

  • Finally, we’ve made shopping easy! Our new QUOTA STORE offers Quota jewelry and club supplies online. Opting to submit your order via this new store using a credit or debit card, or your PayPal account, will speed your order to us!

Note that we will be adding more information to our site in the coming year and we will announce all new additions when they occur.

In closing, I wish to thank our staff for making this new Web site a reality – not only saving us precious Quota financial resources, but also increasing the quality of Quota’s online experience for members and the public. Special thanks go to Lisa Schlosser, Quota’s Database and Technology Manager, a part-time contractor position, who is the site’s in-house creator and designer. Lisa also created the new database that Quota is now using going forward at no cost to the organization.

I am grateful for our amazing staff, and I am grateful to you, our caring and committed members. This new site is a “thank you” to you for your support and faith in your Quota Board and staff team this critical year.


Emilie Simon

2018-2020 President

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