November President’s Message

Dear Quota Members,

Our hearts go out to all of the members in California, USA, and their neighbors, families, and friends, where fires have been raging and destroying all in their paths. The town of Paradise, California, the home of QI of Paradise, was completely destroyed.  We know multiple members have lost their homes, and nearby clubs including QI of Orrville and QI of Gridley are offering incredible support and assistance to those who have lost everything. Please read more about this crisis on our Team Quota blog and send messages of support to those Quotarians who have been affected on our Quota International Facebook page.

We are counting down the weeks until Quota’s 100th Birthday on February 6, 2019. In celebration, Past International President Beris Pritchard is writing a series of monthly articles all about our organization that we’re calling our Centennial Series. You will find the first article, Quota Will Soon Be 100 Years Young, published on our Team Quota blog, and also linked on our website’s home page. How is your club planning to celebrate? We hope you will publish your plans and share ideas on our new Quota Centenary Celebrations Facebook Page! You can find this page by searching for it on Facebook.

I have an update on our financial situation, as reported in my previous message.

First, our Quota International office space is officially up for sale and you can view our listing online. Our four office suites together were appraised at US$1,520,000, and that is our listing price.

Second, in addition to listing our office space for sale, we also sent out our Century Program fundraising appeal to members worldwide. We have created a special Web page where we are thanking and honoring all donors to this specific appeal. Donations that we receive support Quota’s Wanda Frey Joiner Development Fund, which in this case means Quota’s development and growth going forward this fiscal year. We’ve just started honoring donors on this page and if your name is not yet listed, no worries, it will be included. In future President’s Messages I will report on the amount of donations received. Please know that we value all the different ways members support Quota International and all donations are voluntary.

Third, I am very pleased to announce that Quota’s entire Board of Directors has generously volunteered to travel to 2019 Regional Meetings to serve as International Representatives at their own expense. Three generous PIPs are volunteering as well. We will be announcing the 2019 Regional Meeting schedule and our International Representative assignments in the near future.

Fourth, our auditor is currently working on the Audit Report for the May 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018 fiscal year, the gap period that was required in order to move our financial year to an October 1 start date. We will publish it online when it has been completed.

The Board of Directors is now preparing for its December Board Meeting, which will be held in Washington, DC, USA, from December 6 to 9, 2018. We plan to discuss all issues related to the financial crisis, and we will begin discussions on defining Quota’s future downsized structure and operations. All other Board Meetings since our July convention have been held via conference call in an effort to cut costs, and we plan to continue with this format the rest of the fiscal year. I will report on Board Meeting decisions in my next President’s Message.

Lastly, members in the United States will be celebrating their Thanksgiving on November 22, and they will be counting their blessings at this special time. You, Quota’s members, are our greatest blessings, and on behalf of the Quota International Board of Directors, I thank you for caring for our organization at this difficult time.


Emilie Simon

2018-2020 President

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