Lighting the way to the Shores of Michigan

Did you know that Michigan boasts more lighthouses than any other state in the country? The more than 150 unique structures of various sizes and shapes were built to withstand stormy weather and guide ships into safe harbor. At one time more than 247 lighthouses existed in Michigan!

While most were built in the 1800’s, today the lighthouses present amazing architecture and design, historical significance and captivating subjects for photographers.

Many lighthouse keepers, while isolated in their beacon towers, viewed their role as one of true service, often assisting in heroic rescues from the Great Lakes. The lighthouse beams, now automated, extend for miles and add to the fascination of these historic structures.

For inspiration, think of the lighthouse as a symbol of the way forward, or guide to one’s next destination!

Many lighthouses are open for tours during the summer, guided by volunteers all along the 3200 mile shoreline. Plan your lighthouse tour, taking in a few of these beauties, or take a long visit through the 100 + lighthouses on the Lake Michigan Lighthouse Circle Tour. Let the lights be your guide!

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This is part of our Convention Series, written by Cathy Kaiser. We thank her and all of Region 4 for their continued support and excitement of Convention 2020.