How Great! Five BIG Lakes!

The Great Lakes that surround Michigan may be our most famous treasure…certainly the largest!

Lake Huron Sunrise

The Great Lakes — Superior, Huron, Michigan, Ontario and Erie — make up the largest body of fresh water on the planet, one-fifth of the freshwater surface at 6 quadrillion gallons. The area of all the Great Lakes is larger than the state of Texas.

Michigan’s lower peninsula is cradled by Lake Huron on the east, where the sun creates inspiring sunrises every day. On the west shore splashes Lake Michigan, boasting spectacular sunsets. On the northern shore of the upper peninsula is Lake Superior, the deepest, largest and definitely the coldest.

Head southeast to find Lake Erie, the smallest by volume, and shallowest of the greats. Travel to Canada or New York to put your toe in the water of Lake Ontario, which does not actually touch Michigan. It sits at the base of Niagara Falls and leads to the Atlantic Ocean.

All of the the greats encompass a wonderful revitalizing waterland. For visitors and Michiganders alike, the Great Lakes entice all to enjoy limitless and refreshing water delights, whether swimming, boating, fishing or simply enjoying the shores with their breathtaking views. Don’t mistake them for the sea – they are salt-free!

Lake Michigan Sunset

Take a look at the Great Lakes in action in this video:

On the Shores of the Great Lakes

This is part of our Convention Series, written by Cathy Kaiser. We thank her and all of Region 4 for their continued support and excitement of Convention 2020. 

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