Happy 100th Birthday, Quota!

Dear Quota Members,

Today, we celebrate Quota International’s Centennial. For 100 years under our solitary motto, “We Share,” we made our world a better place. In our clubs, and as a worldwide organization, we shared our time, resources, and hearts to change lives. Oftentimes, the lives changed were our own.

Side by side in service, we gained more than good feelings. Being part of Quota brought us lifelong friends. It can’t be easily explained, but as a Quota member, you know what I mean. When we advocated for infant hearing screening or provided someone with a hearing aid, we came together as friends. When we fed and educated children and taught their mothers skills to earn a living, we forged bonds with one another. We can be proud of the light we offered the world throughout the past century.

Quota faces adversity, but we have been here before. Only a decade after our founding, the 1929 stock market crash left us with only U.S.$100 in the bank plus a U.S.$4,000 loan at 10% interest. The board faced two choices — liquidate or save Quota. They chose the latter, and within five years, we celebrated a balanced budget and U.S.$1,500 surplus.

It was remarkable. And I believe we can be remarkable again. Consider our impressive milestones  and read the inspiring story of our founding and achievements as told in monthly episodes that will continue throughout this year. I am certain you will agree that our organization is a worthy endeavor!

Please share my resolve on this special anniversary to redefine Quota so that our beloved clubs worldwide can continue for a second century of fellowship and service. Your generous Century Program donations are getting us on our way. You know we can make a difference – we have done so for a hundred years!

Yours in Quota,

Emilie Simon

2018-2020 President

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