Convention Approved International Bylaws

Quota International Women

Washington, DC, August 24th, 2018 –  We, as Quota International members, aspire to inspire those around us through the work being done in our communities for those who are in need. We seek to fulfill on the renewed mission of ’empowering women, children, the deaf and hard of hearing, and people with speech difficulties in local communities around the world’. Quota International’s bylaws provide the structure, safety and security to see that these goals become a reality.

The International Bylaws were voted on by Quota International Delegates at the 90th International Convention during the business session of the convention. The International Bylaws are a common set of rules that are followed by all Quota International clubs in all countries.

It is with this common ground of understanding that we are pleased to share with you the printable version of the Quota International Bylaws approved at the 90th Annual Convention in July of this year.

International Bylaws July 2018 – 8.5×11 International Bylaws July 2018 – A4

The following Bylaw Amendments were passed by the delegates:

  • Article II:  Mission Statement and Objects

  • Article VI:  Quota International  Section 1. Officers Named  A. Elected Officers

  • Article VII:  Nominations and Elections  Section 2. Elections

  • Article XIV:  Regions  Section 1. Regional Officers  C. Eligibility (Clarifying Proposal)

We look forward to working together to ensure the future of Quota International for the next 100 years!