Convention 2020 - A Grand Gift

At holiday time, does your family have the tradition of guessing what’s inside each wrapped gift box? Take a look at what’s inside this beautiful gift box, decorated for the holiday season! Welcome to the historic treasure - the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel…

Originally Sweet’s Hotel, a 4-story building established in the late 1800’s, guests could stay for $2 a night! Sweet’s became the Pantlind Hotel in 1913, featuring Beaux-Arts architecture with classical columns, terra cotta designs, and one of the largest gold leaf ceilings in the world.

By 1925 it was named one of America’s top 10 hotels, attracting visitors to Grand Rapids’ furniture industry shows. In 1979 the Pantlind was purchased by the Amway Corporation, which completely renovated the historic building with a $60 million project that added a 29-story glass tower, raising the height and prospects of a new downtown atmosphere.

The Amway Grand Plaza opened in 1981, preserving the historic charm, the

two-ton chandeliers and period furniture, with an equally impressive contemporary tower overlooking the Grand River. And in 2016, the hotel became a part of the Curio Collection

by Hilton.

Today the Amway Grand is undergoing another set of renovations, including modernizing sleeping rooms and floor to ceiling windows. Always in the heart of Grand Rapids, the hotel houses 664 guest rooms, including accessible rooms, world-class restaurants, spa, salon, pool, sundeck and shops. Many downtown attractions are within a mile of the hotel, and the adjoining skywalk make them even closer.

Open this gift with your own visual tour of this historic and elegant gem in Grand Rapids Michigan. Better yet, visit the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel with your best Quota pals in 2020. See it for yourself here:

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This is part of our Convention Series, written by Cathy Kaiser. We thank her and all of Region 4 for their continued support and excitement of Convention 2020.