Quota International is dissolving. However, volunteers in six Quota countries are organizing formal and informal connections between and among clubs. Some even offer Facebook pages that you might want to “like” and follow in the future no matter what Quota country you call home!

A committee of volunteers surveyed Australian clubs and determined that at this current time, clubs welcomed an informal connection of clubs via a newsletter and Facebook page both created and administered by volunteers. At this time no club or member dues or fees are being charged. Contact Facebook administrators to learn more.
Canadian clubs have chosen to create a legal organization of clubs that will offer benefits such as access to reduced-cost club insurance policies, communications, and the potential of informal gatherings. For more information on how to join, contact
Quota’s three clubs located in India have chosen to continue operating as they have been as Quota’s Region 20. Leadership of the “region” will rotate. Its Facebook page is continuing. 
New Zealand
New Zealand clubs will connect in person annually via a gathering hosted by rotating clubs. Papakura will host the 2021 gathering. In addition, the clubs will continue to share monthly newsletters, and a New Zealand Web site and Facebook page are being hosted. Contact Facebook administrators to learn more.
Philippine clubs plan to continue on as they are currently structured, with both Region 18 and Region 19 remaining in operation and maintaining their Facebook pages (Region 18 / Region 19). Philippine Hand-in-Hand clubs plan to continue their participation in the continuing program. Contact Facebook administrators to learn more.
United States
The creation of Quota USA, a legal organization to be administered by an association management company, is underway. Its purpose is to connect and support clubs in the US who wish to join. Annual member dues are US$55. To learn more about benefits and how to join, e-mail organizers at