Founded in 1919 by Wanda Frey Joiner in Buffalo, New York, Quota International, Inc. has a rich history of service and friendship that has grown from one club in one city, to hundreds of clubs in 14 countries over the past century.  


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Quota's Founding Story

Founder Wanda Frey Joiner

Past International Presidents

Quota's Milestones 1919-2019

Quota's 70 Years of Service

Past Convention Sites

Centennial Series Articles

A 12-part documentary story of Quota's History.

Quota's Journey into New Zealand

Service in the 1920's

Singapore Charter Information


Enjoy reading past issues of Quota’s most popular publications, including the award-winning The Quotarian magazine, by navigating the archives below.

President's Messages

(2018 - 2020)

Quotarian Magazine Archive

Team Quota Blog Archive

(2013 - 2019)

World Service e-Zines Archive


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