Volunteer of the Year Awards

Volunteer of the Year Nominations

The Volunteer of the Year Award spotlights the efforts of one person from each club who embodies the spirit of volunteerism empowering others and changing lives. Each nominee receives international recognition.

Submission Dates: 1 January – 30 April, 2015

Rules & Criteria

  1. Only one submission per club will be accepted.
  2. Past nominee submissions – both winning and non-winning – may not be entered.
  3. A photo must accompany each entry. Photo should be 300 dpi or highest resolution possible and include a caption.*

* All entries and photos herein become the sole property of Quota International. Photos and entry text are subject to editing and may be used in organization publications and media.


Volunteer of the Year Award nominees will be announced in July 2015 on Quota International’s website, and TeamQuota blog, featured in the September 2015 Quotarian Magazine, and recognised in July 2016 at Quota International’s Convention in Brisbane, Australia.

Click here to see 2015 nominations for Volunteer of the Year.

Click here to see past Volunteer of the Year recipients.

To enter, please complete and submit the online entry form below. Fields marked with a red asterisk are required.  For additional assistance or questions, contact staff@quota.org.

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