2006 Volunteers of the Year

Shirley Sakrzewski

Shirley Sakrzewski

Quota International of Murgon, QLD

The members of Quota International of Murgon have no hesitation in nominating Shirley Sakrzewski as Volunteer of the Year due to her love of her club and her unwavering dedication.

Twenty-two years ago the Kingaroy Quota club started proceedings to form a new club in the neighboring town of Murgon. As is the usual procedure, letters of invitation were sent to various women in the district, inviting them to attend the first meeting. Shirley Sakrzewski was one of the attendees. She knew even at this very first meeting that this type of club was exactly what she had been looking for at this stage of her life.

Shirley’s household during this time consisted of a husband, three sons, and a brother-in-law, so she desperately craved the company of other women. Subsequently, Shirley, being the vibrant person she is, became a charter member of the Murgon club on August 24, 1984, and threw herself wholeheartedly into becoming a Quota member of the highest caliber.

In 1989, Shirley was elected president and had served for approximately six months when the district governor resigned. Shirley was nominated and elected, thereby serving as governor of District 34 during 1990 through 1991. She has also served as district secretary-treasurer and as club treasurer. Even today, at the tender young age of 80 years old, Shirley is still a member of the board and one of the first members to raise her hand and volunteer when there is work to be done.

Shirley was a teacher on and off throughout her life and only retired about eight years ago. In addition to her involvement in Quota, Shirley also is a member of the Mothers Union, which she has been a part of since 1961, and has been a Sunday school teacher. She is also treasurer of “Aglow” and of C.R.I.S.I.S. Helicopter Service and is a hands-on volunteer at her local information center.

Shirley is always consulted with when decisions are to be made, due to her knowledge of Quota, the positions she has held, and her natural insight. Quota has been a huge part of Shirley’s life. She has received much fulfillment from being a part of the Quota world, and she is truly a valued member.

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