2006 Volunteers of the Year

Robin Gray

Robin Gray

Quota International of Iosco County, MI

Quota International of Iosco County proudly nominates member Robin Gray for Volunteer of the Year. Robin joined the club in 2004 and jumped right into the action, serving on the board as recording secretary.

Since then, she has filled many other roles in the club, serving as housing chairwoman, helping the Bylaws Committee, assisting with highway cleanup and acting as auditor. She was instrumental in setting up the club’s 501(c)3 charitable trust. Robin also has been on the club’s Disadvantaged Women and Children Committee and helped at our card party, 50’s/60’s dance, gourmet delights, and at Perchville. Even before her term was up as recording secretary, Robin volunteered to do the club newsletter.

Not only has Robin contributed many hours of her time to the club and its endeavors, she also works a full-time job. Her dedication to her beliefs, her work ethics, her wonderful personality, and all her help with club projects makes her an outstanding candidate for this award.

Robin Gray is a valuable member of the Iosco County club and a good friend to many of us. It is with pleasure that we nominate her for the honor of Volunteer of the Year.

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