2006 Volunteers of the Year

Norma McInerney

Norma McInerney is on the right.

Norma McInerney

Quota International of Glen Innes, NSW

Norma McInerney has been a member of Quota International of Glen Innes for 28 years, and members say she is always one of the first to volunteer for fund-raising activities. When we have a lamington drive, make fruit pies, or decorate cakes, you’ll find Norma at her best with her “hands” in the icing! She is a very dedicated member, and she has held a number of executive positions in the club.

Norma delivers brochures to a large area of Glen Innes, assists at the local primary school with student banking, attends Driver Reviver and until recently, enjoyed her weekly game of squash.

Norma is a devoted mother and grandmother who will assist anyone in need. She is not only an active Quotarian, but continues her dedicated community service through her membership with View and Probus.

Glen Innes Quotarians are very proud of Norma and believe she is a worthy recipient of the 2006 Volunteer of the Year Award.

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