2006 Volunteers of the Year

Neeta Khanna

Neeta Khanna

Quota International of DLF City

Neeta Khanna joined Quota International of DLF City three years ago, and from the very start she showed keen interest in all the activities of the club. She has rarely missed meetings and is always ready to lend a helping hand to one and all.
Neeta was elected to the club’s executive body in September of 2005. About that time the club was opening another dispensary in DLF, phase III. The club asked Neeta to be in charge. Since then, along with the doctor, she has almost single-handedly managed the dispensary and made it a great success.

Every week a “Sunday Health Camp” is held for children living in the slums behind the dispensary. Neeta supervises the camp and personally administers multi-nutrients and food to approximately 150 children present. This takes place out in the open lawns, but not even the scorching summer sun deters Neeta from being there with the children.

For any woman to spare two to three hours on a Sunday morning away from the family and household chores shows a rare sense of responsibility, sincerity, and dedication that she has towards the undernourished, underprivileged children living in the slums. Recently, she collected a large amount of clothes and distributed them amongst the children because she found that many of them were not adequately clothed.

Neeta is a dedicated soul whose work speaks for her. You give her a target, and she will perform over and above it. Without a doubt, she is the unanimous choice for Volunteer of the Year for the DLF City club.

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