2006 Volunteers of the Year

Nancy Faye Glass and Beth Poulo

Nancy Faye Glass and Beth Poulo

Quota International of Andover, MA

Nancy Faye Glass

When new Andover Quota members meet Nancy Faye Glass and become aware of her many achievements in the club, they might assume that she is a charter member. However, they will be surprised to learn that Nancy Faye joined the club only four years ago, in 2002!

In those short years, Nancy Faye has become a vital and committed member by serving as secretary, membership chair, president-elect, and as president for 2006-2007. Even though she has not been a long-time member of Andover’s Quota club, she has deep roots in the Quota organization. She first joined Quota in 1990 in Shreveport, Louisiana, where she served as vice-president, secretary, and chair of a major fund-raiser.

Nancy Faye’s enthusiasm and “can do” attitude has made her a valued and respected member of the club. In fact, thanks to her leadership, the club received a District Membership Award for New Gain and a Quota International Award for Excellence in Membership Retention.

Her personal strengths and accomplishments can be best understood in reading these thoughts of Past President Beth Poulo: “As a member, Nancy Faye hit the deck running, and as club secretary, she was enthusiastic, thorough, and professional. Another year on the board as secretary primed her for the step into president-elect and membership chair, and what a chairman she has been! Due to her efforts, we saw an increase in membership of over 23%, and she also worked tirelessly to retain our current membership. Thanks to her, we have updated promotional materials along with the brochure and PowerPoint presentation that she created. She made sure that these new materials were used at the New Membership Reception that she chaired, and at other venues, such as Andover Days. She has created enthusiasm in the club, welcomed new members and their mentors into her home, and made us all feel that Quota couldn’t function without each and every one of us.”

Nancy Faye’s energy and organizational abilities reach beyond Quota to other areas of her life. She has owned her own interior design business since 1979; some of her design projects have appeared in books and magazines. She has also been involved in many community organizations both in Shreveport and now in Andover. Currently, she is a member of the Women’s Auxiliary of Caritas Holy Family Hospital and has co-chaired events for the board of trustees.

The Quota Club of Andover, Massachusetts, is proud to name Nancy Faye Glass as our co-nominee for Volunteer of the Year.

Beth Poulo

Beth Poulo’s strong commitment and dedication to Quota has won her the admiration and respect of her club’s members. A devoted Andover Quotarian since 1997, Beth has exemplified all the qualities of a leader in the many roles she has taken on, including service chair, director, membership chair, vice-president, and president, along with a host of other club activities.

Perhaps the best way to convey Beth’s contributions and qualities can be seen in the comments of former President Mary Beth Nason who describes her admiration of Beth in these words: “As a director, Beth always worked behind the scenes to make things happen, and she has often acted as a ‘conscience’ to others in regard to Quota related activities. As membership chairman, Beth helped to create a New Member Mentoring Program that resulted in our club gaining six new members. Beth was a ‘hands-on’ president who was capable of showing a sense of humor in the most stressful of situations. She is a team player, always paying attention to detail, and professional in every sense. Beth has the gift of being able to voice her opinion on a touchy subject in a way that clarifies her thinking but never alienates those with opposing views.”

Beth has also linked her club to the community in numerous ways, resulting in new members and additional club revenue that will be used for service. Quota was the recipient of several hundred dollars when Beth was named the winner of the Prudential Community Service Award. This year, she and another member obtained a $500 grant from the Women’s Ministry at South Church. Recently, Beth obtained a $10,000 grant from a local bank that was celebrating its 150th anniversary.

Despite Beth’s strong involvement in Quota, she finds time for other activities. Beth has been a real estate broker for over 20 years and was formerly a piano teacher. She is a board member of the Andover Chamber Music Series and also participates in many other community organizations.

The Quota Club of Andover, Massachusetts, is proud to name Beth Poulo as our co-nominee for the Volunteer of the Year Award.

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