2006 Volunteers of the Year

Mary Sayne

Mary Sayne

Quota International of San Luis Obispo, CA

Mary Sayne embodies the true spirit of volunteerism. She joined the San Luis Obispo club in 2001, and members agree she is a great asset to her club and to her community!
Mary truly makes her community a better place. She is the kind of Quota member that works behind the scenes, volunteering to help as needed, whether it is giving time to help promote Quota International of San Luis Obispo at the local street fair or assisting the club’s membership chairperson by picking up food for the annual membership mixer. She is always asking how she can help and never complains. She is a member of the club’s service committee and is now on the club’s board of directors.

Mary was a French major in college. She was a teacher for a brief period of time. She moved to Chicago in the 1970s, then to the Bay Area of California to work for a French import/export company, The California Association of Administration, and later The State Bar of California. She then moved with her husband to Paso Robles.

Mary always wears a great smile that is contagious. She works without requiring recognition and shows enthusiasm and dedication along the way.

She has received our club’s award for Quotarian of the Year, an honor given to an outstanding member, and now we are very proud to call her our Volunteer of the Year.

Congratulations, Mary Sayne!

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