2006 Volunteers of the Year

Linda Hodgson

Linda Hodgson

Quota International of Orillia, ON

The Quota Club of Orillia is pleased to introduce Linda Hodgson as our Volunteer of the Year. Linda has spent a lifetime sharing her talents and skills and caring for others in the spirit of volunteerism. Born in Beaverton, Ontario, she has three daughters and two grandsons.

Linda graduated as a nurse in 1965 and practiced at Toronto East General Hospital and Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital. She enjoys activities such as quilting, curling, golfing, and baking. She continually demonstrates her skills and talents by actively participating in these as well as all other craft-related activities.

She has successful, active memberships in the Orillia Quilters Guild, Business Women’s Curling, and the Orillia Nursing Alumni Association. Recently she organized the Nursing Reunion in 2000, hospital golf tournaments, bake sales for Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW) and the Volunteer Fire Fighters of Tiny Township, and she also has the role of draw master for Business Women’s Curling.

A successful nursing career offered Linda the opportunity to actively volunteer for Medical Missions International. In 2005 she traveled to Columbia, Buenaventura, where she was part of a medical team of 62 volunteers from Canada and the U.S.A. that performed eye surgeries. In 2006, she was a volunteer member of another health team consisting of 60 volunteers. She performed operating room nursing procedures to assist surgeons in eye muscle surgery and other complete eye care corrections such as cataract surgery.

In previous years Linda’s volunteer activities have included teaching 4-H life skills for farm children, performing executive duties for the local figure skating club in Beaverton, serving as president/chair of the Gamebridge Women’s Auxiliary, performing Lions Club spouse duties in Brechin, as well as being a school parent on numerous school excursions and trips.

Since Linda became a Quotarian in 2002, she has gently encouraged members to participate in activities and helped those with minimal craft skills. She teaches them to manipulate the art of working with stained glass, sewing pillows, and much more. She generously donated a quilted wall hanging and other items to help with fund-raising events. Her organizational skills have been superb, whether the occasion is big or small.

All that Linda offers of herself is with open arms and a big heart with lots of knowledge and energy. She is a truly generous and compassionate person and these wonderful qualities can be felt by everyone who knows her. Because of all these wonderful qualities, Linda Hodgson has earned herself the title of Volunteer of the Year from her club!

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