2006 Volunteers of the Year

Evangeline C. Del Mundo

Evangeline C. Del Mundo

Quota International of Las Piñas

Members of the Las Piñas club describe Evangeline C. del Mundo or “Tita Vangie,” as she is fondly called, as the ideal embodiment of a mother, sister, friend, and volunteer.

Being a firm advocate for literacy, not only for hearing-impaired people, but also for disadvantaged and disabled individuals, she has consistently supported a scholarship program to educate underprivileged deaf students at the Bible Institute for the Deaf. She has also set up day care centers and provided tuition, school materials, food, clothing, and transportation for 55 school children attending the centers.

Her deep involvement in helping hearing-impaired people started with her role as mother of a deaf daughter. She reared and trained her eldest child, Pinky, for 18 years while sending her to learning institutions with facilities for deaf students.
Many hearing-impaired individuals are part of her company’s (Drugmakers’ Laboratories, Inc.) regular workforce, which earned the business the Employer of the Year Award in 1989 during the annual gathering of the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines.

Through her company’s foundation, the Drugmakers’ Laboratories Foundation, Inc., she provides assistance to day care centers as well as family life, health, dental, youth services, spiritual ministry, and values development to local institutions and communities. Her deaf prison ministry provides interpreters in court cases involving deaf persons as well as interpreting for deaf prisoners in need of medical assistance.

Evangeline’s keen sense of discernment in recognizing a need and helping to fill that need is her greatest asset. Be it financial, spiritual, or emotional, she is there constantly making herself and her resources available to people in need.

A doting mother to all, she is a persistent teacher with a big heart and loves to pass on to others valuable lessons on life. She also shares her blessings but sees to it that what she shares makes a difference in the lives of underprivileged individuals, especially those with disabilities.

Quota International of Las Piñas is indeed proud to nominate as our 2006 Volunteer of the Year Evangeline C. del Mundo, the woman with a heart that cares and shares!

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