2006 Volunteers of the Year

Dawn Horn

Dawn Horn

Quota International of Baton Rouge, LA

Dawn Horn was new to Baton Rouge in 2000, a mother of twins, and working from home. She was interested in meeting professional women, but most of all she wanted to have fun while working to improve the lives of others in the Baton Rouge community.

When Julie Fuller brought her to her first Quota meeting, she was overwhelmed with the diversity and friendliness of the group. She enjoyed learning to arrange flowers and meeting new friends—and then she was hooked. Dawn loved the idea of raising money for a good cause and getting to do it by guiding people through fabulous homes.

During one of the first business meetings that Dawn attended, she met a Quotarian who stood up and introduced herself and went on to explain that the company she was working for was bankrupt and did not know how much longer she would have a job. She talked about how depressed she was, and that she was thinking about not coming to the meeting. She went on to say how glad she was that she came to the meeting, because she gained strength from being with her Quota friends. That experience made Dawn realize that Quota was not just a volunteer organization, it was about friendship and support as well.

In the short time that Dawn has been in Quota, she has served in many board positions: member at large, second vice president, first vice president, president, and now past president. She has learned a lot from her positions and has found it amazing how interior designers, bankers, and engineers with different management styles can all contribute and accomplish tasks that make an impact on the Baton Rouge community. An impact that she, too, has made on this organization.

She has chaired the Home Tour Ad Solicitation Committee for two years, the Tour Fund-raising Committee for a year, and the Ways and Means Committee. Her largest contribution has been to introduce the Club to new ways of doing things, such as focusing our fund-raising to one major effort—Girls Hope—and revamping the club’s home tour to have donor levels instead of selling advertisements. This concept was a huge undertaking, and it has proven to be very successful. Listening to our members concerns and trying to initiate change based on recommendations from the membership is something she has striven to do, and she has done it well.

Dawn has been the recipient of two prestigious awards since she has been a member. She won the Quota Star Award at our District 21 conference and also the 2005 YWCA Woman of Achievement in the Science and Technology Division. Winning a Woman of Achievement Award makes our club especially proud.

While president, Dawn attended the Quota International Convention in Toronto and found that it was a motivational and powerful reminder of what a difference we can make in this world. During that conference, Dawn accepted not one, but two Service of Excellence awards on behalf of our club. Baton Rouge was the first club to ever receive two Service of Excellence awards at a convention. Dawn enjoyed attending two other international conferences—Pittsburgh and New Orleans. “Going the Extra Mile” was Dawn’s theme as president, and it is very apparent that she has been a “GEM” to us. Dawn is an asset to our club, and it is an honor to call her a Quotarian and a friend.

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