2006 Volunteers of the Year

Beverly Westcott

Beverly Westcott

Quota International of Collingwood, ONT

Collingwood Quotarians appreciate member Beverly Westcott, chair of the club’s Ways and Means Committee, as she works hard at everything she does, and she does an excellent job!

Bev was a happy and adventurous child with many friends. When she was quite young, she really liked her freedom. She frequently ran away from home and was often brought back home in the police cruiser. Determined to get out of the backyard, she was able to roll a very large rock away from the gate and to replace it. This fooled her mother into thinking that Bev was safely in the backyard, when really she had escaped again.

Bev’s mother died when Bev was nine. Her father suffered from asthma and moved up north where he enjoyed better health. Bev lived with her brother and his new wife through high school. Bev was very courageous, deciding to fly to the Yukon to visit friends when she was young and had never been in an airplane. She made this trip by herself, but she was so nervous that she refused to get off the plane when it landed for refueling. No coaxing from the staff could get her to leave the plane. She was afraid that she would get lost in the airport forever.

Bev was a nurse early in her career and later worked at a large medical office until retirement. She very much enjoys people and being helpful to others. She volunteers for Blue Mountain for the Arts in addition to Quota. The members of the Collingwood Quota club are proud to honor Beverly as their 2006 Volunteer of the Year.

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