2005 Volunteers of the Year

Julia Monaghan, Quota International of Ottawa, ONT

Julia Monaghan

Quota International of Ottawa, ONT

Julia joined Quota International of Ottawa in September 1974, making her a member in good standing for 31 years. She is a retired businesswoman and devotes most of her time to helping others and pursuing her favorite pastime, golf.

As the spouse of a Canadian Foreign Service Officer in Guyana, South America, she got her first taste of volunteerism with the Mahica Leprosy Hospital. Suffice it to say that Julia got the “bug” to do more volunteering after that.

Upon her return to Canada, and along with other Quotarians, she helped out in the cafeteria of the Ottawa Civic Hospital. The work included making loads of sandwiches and handling the cash register. Her volunteer stint with the Blood Donor Clinic ended when it became part of the Red Cross. Julia then volunteered in the Gift Shop of the Heart Institute. When the Quota Bingos were in operation, Julia was there to help out. When the club needed a place to hold its monthly meetings, Julia freely used her membership at the Laurentian Club to get the club a prestigious meeting venue. She also served on the board of the Ottawa Deaf Center for three years.

Julia is an avid golfer (having made Ladies Champion in Guyana) and has supported the club’s annual golf tournament for the past six years. As of June 26, 2005, Julia will have sponsored nine races in our Annual Night at the Races fund-raiser. She is always there for support in cash and kind.

Julia is a true volunteer in every sense of the word.

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