2005 Volunteers of the Year

Toni Daymond, Quota International of Bathurst, NSW

After performing at one of their many local concerts, Toni (middle of back row) and children from the Police Citizens Youth Club pause for a photo.

Toni Daymond

Quota International of Bathurst, NSW

Toni Daymond has been a Quota member for 17 years and assists with many club activities. A talented entertainer and performer, she uses all of her energy, expertise, and spare time helping others in the community. There is hardly a ball or concert held in Bathurst that does not have Toni’s touch! Toni started training debutantes and organizing trimmings for the Bathurst Highland Society Ball 20 years ago and has now added several other balls to her list.

Although you may not see Toni on the night of an event, rest assured the beautifully trained debutantes, entertainment, cake, flowers, and other decorations are all courtesy of Toni! In addition, Toni volunteers at the Bathurst Police Citizens Youth Club, and for the last 15 years, she has conducted ballroom dancing classes for students aged 5 to17 years. Students gain self-confidence through dance and subsequently give free public performances at local fetes and balls. Students top off the year with a Christmas concert performance at local aged-care facilities. Toni also performs at these events. Moreover, Toni, who has worked for many years as a Bathurst librarian, continues to entertain and encourage young people to read with her weekly newspaper column “Benjamin Bookworm.” Toni also performs “Story Time” and “Puppets” at many pre-schools.

This is only a snippet of what Toni does for the local community! We are proud to recognize Toni as QI of Bathurst’s 2005 Volunteer of the Year!

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