2005 Volunteers of the Year

Paddy Brough-Rossiter, Quota International of Whakatane

Paddy Brough-Rossiter is on the left.

Paddy Brough-Rossiter

Quota International of Whakatane

Paddy Brough-Rossiter is always ready to lend a helping hand, be it fund-raising, sending a card of encouragement to someone in a crisis situation, comforting the bereaved, or praising those who have achieved a personal goal. Individuals and organizations alike sing their praises of appreciation about Paddy’s wonderful compassion and caring for others in the community.

Paddy is always the first to volunteer to sell raffle tickets, sell daffodil pins for the Cancer Society, or take door sales. No task is too big or too small for Paddy.

Paddy has been a Quotarian for 25 years. She wears her Quota pin proudly and is both loved and respected by all Quotarians in District 37. We all value Paddy’s input, her ability to “think outside the square,” her willingness to step forward and assist whenever and wherever possible, and her wisdom in offering sound advice. She always comes prepared for meetings, and her maturity and stable influence are greatly respected and appreciated within Quota and the many organizations she has touched over the years.

Paddy Brough-Rossiter is a valued and loved person in our community, and Quota International of Whakatane is very proud to nominate her for this award!

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