2005 Volunteers of the Year

Mary Beth Nason, Quota International of Andover, MA

Mary Beth Nason

Quota International of Andover, MA

Webster’s dictionary defines volunteer as “a person who renders aide, performs a service, or assumes an obligation voluntarily.” If one were to ask the members of Quota International of Andover to define “volunteer,” more than likely, the name “Mary Beth Nason” would come to mind—as Mary Beth is an individual who epitomizes volunteerism both in Quota and all other aspects of her life.

Under Mary Beth’s leadership, QI of Andover has experienced many profitable and fun, fund-raising activities. Fund-raiser highlights include two very successful theater nights at Merrimack College, “Funny Girl” and “Don’t Drink the Water,” as well as an “Antiques Appraisal Faire,” a unique fund-raiser that gave our club visibility within the community, in addition to raising funds. Perhaps, “Broadway Comes to Andover” was the most successful fund-raiser, as this event resulted in a $6,000 profit for the club!

Mary Beth joined QI of Andover in May 1995 and, from that point forward, she has made remarkable contributions to the club in both service and leadership and has served in the following capacities: president-elect and chair of Membership (1998-1999), president (1999-2000), co-Chair (2003-2004), and chairwoman (2004-2005) of the Ways and Means Committee.

Mary Beth’s fund-raising accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. She was awarded Quota International’s “2003-2004 Excellence in Fund-raising Award” and was recognized as a 2004 “Merit Award Winner.” However, Mary Beth’s volunteerism does not end with Quota. She is president of her Condo Association and has served on the Board of the ABC House since the spring of 2002. The ABC House of Andover offers young minority women who are gifted academically the opportunity to attend Andover High School while living in an area house sponsored by ABC. A representative from ABC described Mary Beth’s contributions:

“Mary Beth has driven the girls to many events, planned plane transportation, organized a winter outing, and assisted with the selection of new students. Also, she has been in charge of house maintenance for the last two years…the list goes on! We love her!”

Mary Beth is clearly a woman who has tremendous leadership and organizational talents, but she has many other personal qualities that shine through as she is in the midst of these activities. She is unfailingly optimistic, supportive, and good-natured. Regardless of the pressures or demands, Mary Beth continues to move forward without complaint and is always intent on getting the job done.

Mary Beth Nason is a “volunteer” in the best sense of the word, and we, the Quota club of Andover, Massachusetts, are proud to nominate her for the Volunteer of the Year Award!

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