2005 Volunteers of the Year

Mary Belle Kilpatrick, Quota International of Ruston, LA

Mary Belle Kilpatrick

Quota International of Ruston, LA

Mary Belle Kilpatrick has been an active and vital member of Quota International of Ruston since January 1975. Several attributes stand out when considering Mary Belle. This year Mary Belle suffered illness and was not always table to attend the meetings. Even during this time she continued to stay abreast of the club’s activities and the club’s members.

When Mary Belle was able to return to the meetings, she quickly assessed a situation in our club and stepped up to the plate. One of our members was unable to fulfill her commitment to the club and, without prodding, Mary Belle volunteered to fulfill that member’s commitment.

Mary Belle faithfully contacted or made sure each member was contacted before each meeting to remind the member about the meeting and to turn in a head count to those preparing the meal. Our club is important to her and her expectation was that by making this small effort, our attendance would increase.

The Ways and Means committee had difficulty securing sponsors for our fund-raiser. Mary Belle was not a part of this committee, but she took the bull by the horns and went into the community and secured many sponsors. Mary Belle is not one who says “I’m not on that committee” but she is one who says “this is my club and I want to make a difference in my community”.

We are privileged to have an upstanding lady such as Mary Belle to represent our club.

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