2005 Volunteers of the Year

Marsha Stroh, Quota International of Waterloo, IA

Marsha Stroh

Quota International of Waterloo, IA,

Quota members aptly describe Marsha Stroh as “diligent in duty”. She spends much time working quietly behind the scenes, and is fully responsible for our club’s Cops’N Kids program. She worked consistently for two years to get the program up and running with all the related events, fund-raisers, contacts, and literacy activities connected with it.

Today, Marsha continues to work closely with police liaison officers, make new contacts, (i.e., she obtained a literacy grant from John Deere Credit Union), order books, and increase diversity selections. The police continue to carry books in their cars; and one can now spot Book Bins in school buildings, daycare, and preschool centers because of her and her committee. Marsha also organized a successful Care Bears program at the hospitals.

Marsha was also instrumental in developing the Partners in Excellence service project. She chaired the brunch several years, and always brings volunteers–including 7th and 8th grade students to assist. She is a top brunch ticket seller, selling 208 tickets this year, and she made nut sales of $2,767. Marsha has served twice as president of QI of Waterloo, and she recruits one or two new members each year.

In her professional life, Marsha is a surgical nurse; she has raised three sons; and she actively supports her neighborhood preservation organization. She is active in her church, and served as president of the St. John’s school board. When the Gallagher-Bluedorn sponsored a concert to support literacy and music for young people, Marsha was there to help.

Marsha does all these things graciously and modestly. We appreciate, salute and admire her.

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