2005 Volunteers of the Year

Mabel Bainbrigge, Quota International of Redcliffe, QLD

Mabel Bainbrigge

Quota International of Redcliffe, QLD

Some members of our club go quietly about their business and the membership accepts that they are good members. Mabel Bainbrigge is such a person. Mabel comes to almost every meeting, listens but does not say a great deal, but what she does say is very worthwhile.

If she is asked to do a job that is within her scope, she always obliges. Mabel does not have a great deal of spare time away from her business, as she is open seven days each week, but when we hold a raffle she is the first to offer to display the prizes in her shop, and she and her staff sell a great deal of our tickets. If we are selling tickets at the markets in the mall near her business, she has the table ready and always offers a cup of coffee and cake for the workers.

When the club ran a raffle for drought relief, she displayed the quilt for us, and when Care Bears were the thing, she was the first to volunteer. Woolen knits were offered for our fashion parades. Her photocopying machine is always available for club needs. While Mabel has never been president of our club, she has served on the board many times.

Mabel and her family always have supported Quota in Redcliffe, and we can be sure that a table of eight will be there to support our functions.

We are fortunate that we still have one of our charter members in the club, but at 94 years of age, Meg has difficulty getting to meetings and functions. Mabel picks Meg up for all our functions and meetings and sees her safely into her home each evening. Meg could not attend Quota if Mabel did not share herself and time in this way.

As we in Quota believe in caring and sharing with those in need of our help, Mabel’s contributions make her a very worthy “Volunteer of the Year.”

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