2005 Volunteers of the Year

Linda Moore-Riehl, Quota International of Salisbury, MD

Linda Moore-Riehl

Quota International of Salisbury, MD

Linda Moore-Riehi has been a member of Quota International of Salisbury, Maryland, since February 15, 1982. From the very beginning she has given unselfishly of her time, talents, and resources to promote Quota and Quota’s projects throughout the community. She has held many offices in our club, including that of President. She is currently the treasurer of the club’s Christmas Craft Fair, which is our annual fundraiser. She has been an active member recruiter holding a tea at the Historical Poplar Hill Mansion bringing in several members for Quota.

If Linda has always been such a vital part of our club, what makes the years 2004-2005 so special? It actually goes back to the spring of 2003 when Linda stepped forward to serve as the co-chair of the Cops-n-Kids Program for our club. Right from the program’s infancy, she has been there whether it was using her home as a storage facility for books, opening her home to book repair sessions, providing meals for the volunteers assisting at the “book parties”, cataloguing the books or writing dozens of letters requesting and thanking individuals and businesses for their donations. Linda and co-chair Diane Walter made personal visits to area businesses, and Linda was instrumental in obtaining a $1000 grant from the Employees of Wal Mart, and this grant was used to purchase books.

In the spring of 2004, Linda and Diane made a personal plea to the Delmarva Shorebirds, minor league affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. Through Linda and Diane’s efforts, the Shorebirds agreed to serve as a book drop off for our Cops-N-Kids program—a project that requires manpower to serve at all home games.

It was also during the spring of 2004 that the principals of Quota were brilliantly displayed in Linda. Diane’s husband battle with cancer began in earnest and the time that Diane would have devoted to Quota was now focused elsewhere. Linda never wavered as she shouldered the full responsibility of the Cops-n-Kids program.

While the general membership provided the manpower, it was Linda who arranged the Shorebirds work schedules, picked up the books, and made sure that every home game was covered. Many times it was only Linda and her husband Richard to hand out the Cops-n-Kids flyers at the games.

In addition to these activities, Linda continued making personal contacts. One of those contacts netted the program over 680 books. During all of this, Linda was a true friend to the Walters family offering moral support, providing meals and transportation -just being there for a shoulder to lean on.

For several years Linda was a Girl Scout leader, and she is also very active in her church. She was also just recently installed as the secretary-treasurer of Quota International, District 10.

Linda is always there. You can see that she gives of her time and shares with others, a true Quota Volunteer. Quota International of Salisbury is proud to present Linda a Moore-Riehi as their volunteer of the year.

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