2005 Volunteers of the Year

Kate Kayser, Quota International of Candlewood Valley, CT

Kate Kayser is the first person on the left.

Kate Kayser

Quota International of Candlewood Valley, CT

The Candlewood Valley chapter of Quota has been blessed with Kate Kayser, the club’s “energizer bunny.” When Kate joined Quota about ten years ago, she hit the ground running, and club members are still trying to catch up with her. Volunteer of the Year does not begin to define what Kate has contributed in time, energy, and good will to QI of Candlewood Valley and the club’s service projects.

Kate has held half the offices in the club, and she started at the top. Thus, Kate did not start with the least demanding job and then work her way up to the more time consuming. Going from vice president to president is a slow start to Kate, and she is not done yet. When Linda Bardelli asked Kate to serve as district secretary/treasurer, Kate scarcely blinked before she enthusiastically agreed, despite family demands on her time. In addition, Kate attends as many conferences and conventions as she can. In fact, Kate attended her first fall conference before she was even initiated!

Kate volunteers wherever help is needed and has worked on almost all of the club’s committees. She has also chaired most of the committees on which she has worked! Kate chaired the Teddy Bear Brigade (supplying teddy bears to police cars and ambulances) until her time was needed for other Quota commitments. Holding “Tag Sale” fund-raisers was Kate’s idea, and she chaired two of them. Kate also inspired and chaired “Fresh Start Baskets,” which contain products for women and children who live in shelters to help them in preparing to reenter the community. In addition, when the chairperson of the club’s “Yankee Candle” fund-raiser was unavailable, Kate jumped in as temporary chair so the income that fund-raiser provides would not be lost.

Moreover, ad hoc committees are an inspiration to Kate. As busy as she is, Kate feels she can commit herself to “one shot” projects with no thought to the demands for the duration of that “one shot,” (e.g. shopping, wrapping, and delivering Christmas presents to “Ability Beyond Disability” clients, who live in group homes and who otherwise may not receive Christmas gifts.) Kate also made herself available to the committee that was researching a new site for Quota’s meetings.

Kate is office manager for a famous Connecticut fabric designer. Her responsibilities include staff management, overseeing customer service operations, and representing the company at the New York fabric market. Kate and her husband, Cliff, have been residents of Danbury, Connecticut, for over 30 years. Family is of great importance to Kate. Fortunately, her mom, daughter, and sister also live in the Danbury area. One of Kate’s great pleasures is enjoying her backyard on weekends. She loves her flowers and her pool.

Overall, Kate believes wholeheartedly in Quota’s goals and exemplifies them as few can or do. With the exception of club offices, the projects highlighted here are examples of Kate’s recent contributions. Now, multiply the number of projects by ten and you will have an idea of why QI of Candlewood Valley calls Kate their energizer bunny. The saying is that if you want something done, ask a busy person. The club did, and that person is still on a roll!

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