2005 Volunteers of the Year

Juanita Taylor, Quota International of Harrisonburg, VA

Juanita Taylor

Quota International of Harrisonburg, VA

Juanita Taylor has been an active volunteer in Quota for 26 years, joining us in March 1979. Widowed at an early age, Juanita didn’t let raising her son alone stop her from volunteering in her Quota club, her church, and especially in the hospital where she worked. We feel that Juanita shows the true Quota spirit by being so active in Quota as well as in the community.

She was recently awarded the very first Angel award by Otterbien United Methodist Church for 30 plus volunteer years of service there. In October of 2002, she received a letter of congratulations from the office of President George Bush for her many volunteer achievements.

Juanita has been a volunteer at Rockingham Memorial Hospital where she has worked for over 55 years. In those 55 years she has amassed more than 17,000 volunteer hours just at the hospital alone.

Juanita is currently serving on the Board of Directors of Quota of Harrisonburg as well as continuing as a volunteer in the community. She has dedicated herself to helping others without a desire for payment or recognition. Asked where she had manages to find time for all her service hours over the years, Juanita replied that she felt that if something was important to you that you would somehow make the time. It is this unselfish attitude that makes us feel that she should be Volunteer of the Year.

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