2005 Volunteers of the Year

Joanne Nelson, Quota International of Sand Springs, OK

Joanne Nelson

Quota International of Sand Springs, OK

Joanne Nelson has been a member of Quota for five years and has performed all duties asked of her with confidence, enthusiasm, and professionalism. For the past three years, she has been the club’s representative at all Chamber of Commerce monthly meetings. This is an important position as she must express the views of Quota and bring vital information to Quota from the Chamber.

Joanne is also a member of the local Women’s Chamber of Commerce club, whose mission is to support community programs and other local needs. This club meets monthly and more depending on the current project. The Women’s Chamber instigated a drive to purchase defibrillators for the local school, and Joanne made sure that Quota was aware and part of helping purchase these defibrillators.

Joanne is very active in her church and has served in many capacities. Her dedication to her faith is evident in everything she does, and she brings that confidence and conviction to Quota members. Volunteering and being active in the church have made Joanne realize that “we should all help others in need.”

Joanne recently joined Volunteers of America and will help with children whose parent(s) is/are incarcerated. These volunteers will be assigned a child to mentor and to love. She has volunteered many hours in the local schools as “a grandparent,” at the library, and has time to assist a friend every month who has no transportation by taking her to doctor appointments, grocery shopping or to share her joys or lonely moments.

Quota International of Sand Springs is proud to present Joanne Nelson as our 2005 Volunteer of the Year.

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