2005 Volunteers of the Year

Janice Morales, Quota International of Santa Maria, CA

Janice Morales,

Quota International of Santa Maria, CA

Janice Morales is a charter member of our very young club (chartered just five years ago). She has stated that the reason she joined Quota as apposed to any other charity organization was because she found Quota less self-serving. The members were not there to promote themselves or their business, but to help the community.

As our club was working to discover what you would call our “Holy Grail”, Janice came up with an idea that we believe makes her our choice for “Volunteer of the Year.” Janice found a need for the children in our community to have an outlet other than the norm, in which they could learn a skill and then “Pay it Forward” to the community. Hence the name of the project, “Pay it Forward.”

Janice has located people within our community who are willing to come and teach their skills to the children such as bake cookies; plant flowers; make blankets, scarves, Easter baskets, and jack-o-lanterns; dance; play musical instruments; and make care packages for troops overseas. The children then take this newly learned skill and pay it back to the community by serving the cookies at the homeless shelter, giving blankets to the elderly at the hospital, planting the flower at the local youth center and so on.

Janice is responsible for putting the program together and keeping it going, which she has done for over a year. She finds the volunteers who teach, she arranges the supplies they will need for each project, she finds the recipients for the completed projects, and she gets the kids to attend. The program is open to children of all ages within our community.

Through doing the projects, the children are not only learning new skills, they are getting a taste of something different that they might not normally be exposed to. The children have a great time with each other and meet new friends. And all the while they are learning to take pride in what they complete, they are gaining self-confidence in themselves, fellowship, and leadership. Most importantly, they are learning to become community service volunteers and to support their community.
We believe this to be the greatest asset for a volunteer to have in any organization, and we feel very lucky to have Janice in our club, our Volunteer of the Year!

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