2005 Volunteers of the Year

Eilleen Halloran, Quota International of Glen Innes, NSW

Eilleen Halloran

Quota International of Glen Innes, NSW

At 39 years of age, Eilleen Halloran owns and runs a bakery business, is mother of two boys, is committed to her immediate and extended family, and demonstrates her generosity towards others, not only with her time, but financially and with the donation of goods from her business.

Over the last five years, Eilleen has held the executive positions of treasurer (for two years), secretary (for one year) and treasurer (for a further two years). Immediately prior to this, Eilleen was president for two years. We realize that this is outside the five-year mark, but it demonstrates Eilleen’s commitment to Quota.

Eilleen allows Quota to use her business premises to make our famous tarts for our monthly markets. The markets are our major fund-raising activity and have allowed us to average a recent yearly income in excess of $10,000—a major achievement in a small rural town of only 6,500 residents. All this is due entirely to Eilleen. She ensures that all our food preparation is in line with health regulations and charges Quota the wholesale price of goods that are used—a demonstration of her more than generous nature and commitment to the Glen Innes community and to the ideals of Quota. Our presence at these monthly markets is an excellent way to spread the name of Quota within our community. Residents look for our stall and the aroma of freshly cooked donuts and pies, and the aroma is all the advertising we need to direct people to our stall on a cold winter morning.

QI member Ursula Mundstock is 85 and has not enjoyed the best of health recently. Eilleen is Ursula’s mainstay. She calls regularly to visit, takes her to doctors’ appointments, and organizes Ursula’s travel arrangements. Ursula does not have any family in Glen Innes. Quota is her family, Eilleen in particular.

Eilleen is a quiet achiever who is embarrassed by kudos. She volunteers at the primary school reading to students; she provides employment opportunities for 22 people; and she further shows her commitment to youth through an apprenticeship program with her business.

Eilleen has just celebrated 10 years membership with Quota, and she is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the Tourist Association.

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