2005 Volunteers of the Year

Dorothy Pietersz-Janga, Quota International of Curaçao

Dorothy Pietersz

Quota International of Curaçao

Dr. Dorothy Pietersz-Janga, General Practitioner, joined Quota International of Curaçao in 2002. Since attending the 2004 Quota Convention in Toronto, Dorothy went from being a silent listener to a very active Quotarian. Today she serves as the club’s 2005-2006 treasurer.

Dorothy served on two committees with enthusiasm and dedication: as project leader on the club’s Hearing-Impaired Committee and as assistant project leader on the Fund-raising Committee. As project leader of the Hearing-Impaired Committee, Dorothy motivated the Community Champion Award and the Earplugs Campaign during carnival season, an exposition focusing on health issues and living with hearing impairment. Dorothy also coordinated a flamenco show for the hearing impaired by outfitting the theater with an induction loop. In addition, Dorothy served as a judge for this year’s Excellence Awards.

In recognition of the time that Dorothy has devoted to Quota this year and of the love that she has shared with those with whom she has worked, QI of Curaçao is proud to nominate Dorothy Pietersz-Janga as the club’s 2005 Volunteer of the Year. Her dedication for volunteer work on behalf of Quota will benefit the community for years to come!

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