2005 Volunteers of the Year

Barbara Richardson, Quota International of Cambridge, MD

Barbara Richardson

Quota International of Cambridge, MD

The name Barbara Richardson is synonymous with “Share Quota’s Heart around the World.” Since joining Quota in 2000, Barbara has remained a faithful and dedicated volunteer.

Barbara has conducted monthly hearing screenings at a local pharmacy. She has recognized the need to reach different populations within the community and has established clinics at a local, day program for developmentally disabled people as well as at a day care program for the aged. Barbara’s sensitivity to those in need enables her to establish trust with the programs’ participants. Thanks to Barbara’s quiet compassion, participants who need further evaluation and testing feel encouraged to follow up with an audiologist.

Barbara has been co-chair and chair of the Better Hearing and Speech Committee. Under her guidance the committee has assisted over 20 community residents in obtaining hearing devices. Several of these recipients were children whose quality of life was greatly improved once they were fitted with digital hearing devices. In addition, Barbara organized and diligently worked with the trainer and recipient on the Hearing Ear Canine sub-committee of the Better Hearing and Speech Committee. She has been Chair of the Special Missions Projects, an arm of the club that awards various community agencies such as churches, libraries, and schools with hearing enhancement devices.

Barbara volunteers her time and energy many other ways. She is a Community Service Committee member, serving meals for visiting athletes during the annual Triathlon and participating in the semi-annual Highway Clean-Up/Earth Day program. She is also is a frequent attendee at local District 10 Quota conferences and leadership meetings and has served as an active member of the board of directors. (Barbara has just finished her two-year term.) Barbara is also recently retired from the Eastern Shore Hospital Center, where she worked as Director of Staff Development.

During her professional career, clients knew Barbara for her dedication to thoroughness and commitment. This same dedication to service is what makes Barbara both a valuable Quotarian and a highly deserving member of this award!

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