2005 Volunteers of the Year

Ann Sharp, Quota International of Bismarck-Mandan, ND

Ann Sharp

Quota International of Bismarck-Mandan, ND

Ann Sharp’s commitment to making the world a better place is apparent in everything she does. Ann is committed to having fun in every way and her adventuresome nature is infectious:
“I feel passionate about what is happening in my life and want to get the most out of everything that is going on in my life. I get back at least three times more than I put in and, being a volunteer, I can be creative. The best feeling is seeing it all come together and how others benefit from it. I love people and I love living!”

Ann, who joined Quota in 2003, has enhanced the club’s meetings with fun and excitement! She was instrumental in adding an additional Quota Social Evening each month, which encouraged QI of Bismark-Mandan to have more social and fun time together. As a result, the club continues to grow in membership. Ann has served as a facilitator for Good Grief and as a Quota board member.

Ann is also tireless when it comes to planning and organizing major events. Ann volunteers for the American Cancer Society, chairing events such as the local Relay for Life and the Daffodil Days sales. She has also chaired the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Jerry Lewis Telethon, served as president of the Booster Club for high school football, helped to coordinate a traveling basketball team, and assisted with Bismarck’s Legion Baseball Team. As an active member of her church, Ann serves the church by planning large ordination events and teaching CCD. She has also organized large, county fair style, reunion programs for 1200+ guests with attendees from 47 states and 3 countries.

A North Dakota native, Ann moved to Rapid City, South Dakota, with a couple of jobless friends. They arrived in an old Rambler with one operational door and all the belongings they could fit into the vehicle. Thanks to friends in her former workplace, Ann found a job in the Auditor’s Office at the North Dakota State Attorney General’s Office and worked her way up to administrate assistant. In 1971, she became a finalist in the Young Business Women Competition. Shortly thereafter, Ann met her husband Steve, a Rapid City native; they married in 1972. Ann and Steve had many adventures together. They once rode on the top of their house for five hours, during a flood that took 230+ lives. Then, after relocating to the Black Hills of South Dakota, they had to evacuate due to a forest fire! In 1975, Ann moved with her family to Bismarck and has been involved in the real estate industry ever since.

Currently, Ann is a licensed realtor and office administrator with Lahr & Lahr Real Estate (21 years of service). She and husband Steve have three children: a daughter who passed away in infancy and two sons, who both reside in the area. Ann is grateful for having had her boys near her during Steve’s 14-month battle with cancer, which he lost in November 2002.

The members of Quota International of Bismarck-Mandan are proud to nominate Ann our cheerful Volunteer of the Year.

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