2004 Volunteers of the Year

Nancy Dube and Marsha Cohen, Quota International of Andover, MA

Nancy Dube and Marsha Cohen

Quota International of Andover, MA

Nancy Dube and Marsha Cohen both joined the Andover Quota club in 1994. Since then Nancy and Marsha have been involved volunteers: Nancy likes to be participating, changing, and improving. She is always willing to take on a big job. When Nancy said she would help with a recent Spring Conference, she ended up co-chairing the event. When Nancy offered, as a favor to her friend, to volunteer for Community Servings, a non-profit organization that raises funds for aids patients, Nancy ended up running the annual silent auction and, over several years, raised over $100,000 for aids patients. Nancy has held the offices of president, president-elect, chair of Ways and Means, and co-chair of Ways and Means. She has been a mentor to one of our new members. Nancy has tirelessly served as board member, Service Committee member, and Nominating Committee member. Marsha is also a past president and has been secretary, Membership Committee chair, Telephone Committee chair, Ways and Means chair, and a mentor to a new member. She is a past Merit Award recipient. Marsha is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done. She offers her catering business to Quota for our functions and seldom gets to sit down and enjoy them herself. She has served in many positions for her religious group, Havurat Shalom. Marsha is always concerned about others, and she is truly a team player. Both Nancy and Marsha agree that they have a better time doing things together. The sum of these two parts is always greater than the whole. We witnessed these two in action this past season with our district’s Spring Conference in Portland, Maine. Though Marsha and Nancy worked very hard and produced an outstanding weekend for all of us, they themselves enjoyed it more because of their partnership. We as a club cannot nominate one without the other. Nancy and Marsha are definitely our dynamic volunteer duo.

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