2004 Volunteers of the Year

Melinda Rach-Verduyn Lunel, Quota International of Curaçao

A fun moment when Melinda is looking over some items with one of our board members, Silva Allee.

Melinda Rach-Verduyn Lunel

Quota International of Curaçao

Melinda Rach-Verduyn Lunel has been a member of Quota International since 1993. She is a financial administrator who has taken a sabbatical, because her daughter will be leaving for college in Holland this year, and she wanted to spend some quality time with her. Last year, Melinda stepped up to help when the treasurer of the Curaçao Quota club had to leave due to illness. She then became the club’s treasurer for the fourth time. This year, she is once again the club’s treasurer, and she serves with pleasure. Melinda continues to lend her financial expertise through the Audit Committee. She is an excellent team player and participates in all hands-on activities in the community. When we have fund-raising events, Melinda sells her allotted tickets without prompting, and she has opened her home for all sorts of Quota activities, ranging from small group meetings to big recruitment drives. Melinda’s whole family participates in Quota activities, and they help as if they are Quotarians. Melinda lives the example of a true volunteer. She never says no, when it has to do with Quota, and she shares freely her home, her time, her energy, her money, and her infectious laugh. The members of Quota International of Curaçao know that they are fortunate to have a willing and fun-loving volunteer like Melinda Rach-Verduyn Lunel.

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