2004 Volunteers of the Year

Joy Seiffert, Quota International of Redcliffe, QLD

Joy Seiffert

Quota International of Redcliffe, QLD

Joy Seiffert works hard for Quota International of Redcliffe, especially as its publicity officer. She writes many press releases and perseveres, even though it is difficult to get them accepted by the paper for publication. Joy is unstinting and dedicated in her support for the Cartmill Community Centre Riding for the Disabled. She has been a long-time supporter of the center, taking on the role of fund-raising volunteer for an organization that relies solely on public funding for its operation. She has no hesitation in approaching community organizations and service clubs for their financial support. She is passionate about the need and the benefit it provides to the 200 disabled riders, both children and adults, who visit the center each week. From the back of a horse, they are able to see things that they never would from a wheelchair. Joy has encouraged the club to financially support the horse “Frankie” with feed for the year, and the club has now adopted him. Joy encourages members to provide a “sausage sizzle” at the center once a month. This is considered one of the club’s most rewarding service activities by all of the members who are able to participate. To celebrate Frankie’s birthday on August 1, Joy organized a fund-raising birthday party event with the help of the club members. It was attended by over 100 guests and provided a great deal of fun. Joy’s dedication to her task at the center is an inspiration to the other volunteers on whom the center relies so heavily. Her passion and patient help provide enrichment in the lives of the center’s disable riders.

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