2004 Volunteers of the Year

Joan Jackman, Quota International of Barrie, ONT

Joan Jackman

Quota International of Barrie, ONT

When the members of Quota International of Barrie talk about volunteering, Joan Jackman’s name is always in the same sentence. She is an incredible lady who works away steadily in the background and does not seek acknowledgement for any of her efforts. Joan Jackman has been a member of Quota lnternational of Barrie since 1995 and has been first vice president for five years. During that time, she has arranged numerous membership drives and has been responsible for personally recruiting two new members in the past two years. She takes initiative to arrange with “home party” representatives such as Avon and Home and Garden to have them donate some of their profits to our club. Joan also arranges for the collection of grocery store tapes and coordinates a group of volunteers to total and submit them in order to receive club revenue from the grocery stores. She has spearheaded the club’s fall bazaar for the last four years and spent numerous hours pricing, arranging, and selling products. She also goes out of her way to assist other Quota members, transporting heavy items for them and working on the seniors picnic, which is held every June for the community. Joan is also a member of the local Kiwanis Club. She volunteers every Thursday at the local hospital and helps her elderly neighbors with their groceries, doctors’ appointments, and other errands. Joan’s husband has been unable to work for the last several years due to a heart condition, and Joan had part of her lung removed back in 1995. She has one daughter, Denise who is married, and a dog, Sadie. Joan’s tact and diplomacy are beyond compare. Whenever you or anyone is in trouble, Joan has a kind word, compliment, or story to share with you to make you feel better. Quota International of Barrie enthusiastically selects Joan Jackman as Volunteer of the Year.

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