2004 Volunteers of the Year

Jan Irvine, Quota International of Forster/Tuncurry, NSW

Jan Irvine

Quota International of Forster/Tuncurry, NSW

Jan lrvine was elected unanimously for this award, because she is a vibrant leader who “embodies the true spirit of volunteerism.” Her unstinting enthusiasm at meetings gives members a sense of purpose, and Jan always contributes in a positive way with ideas, instigating and implementing many worthwhile projects while actively supporting others. She is professional in her approach and generates a lot of fun. Jan joined Quota in 1983 and has been a member of three Quota clubs. Her knowledge of Quota is invaluable, and she is a mentor to newer club members. Jan has held a variety of offices at both the club and district levels and has thereby made substantial contributions to Quota. With her many contacts in the wider community, Jan involves others to provide support for Quota’s many undertakings. Prior to her retirement from full-time business management, Jan had been an adjudicator of high school debating, an adjudicator of Rotary and Lions Club Youth of the Year programs, a member of the Port Macquarie High School Council, a reader/scribe for examination students, and chairman of the Vocational Education Program (T.R.A.C.) for four years. In addition to her church activities, for the last four years Jan has focused her abundant energies toward establishing the combined (male/female) Probus Club of Forster/Tuncurry. Following a three-year position as activities co-coordinator, Jan has recently stepped down after an outstanding presidency of this club, which is one of the largest within the Probus Club organization (current membership 305). Jan is a valued member of Quota International of Forster/Tuncurry; in recognition of her dedication to serving others, her club bestows upon her the honor of Volunteer of the Year.

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