2004 Volunteers of the Year

Dorothy Cox, Quota International of Ryde, NSW

Dorothy Cox

Quota International of Ryde, NSW

Dorothy Cox has established herself as a dedicated volunteer through her service to our community. She joined the Quota Club of Mussellbrook in 1961 and transferred to the Quota Club of Ryde in 1966. She was principal of Oatley Public School and retired in 1983. Since 1955 Dorothy has been an active member of the Exchange Teachers League, providing support and accommodations for overseas teachers from the United Kingdom, Canada, America, and New Zealand. Her commitment to the work of Quota is demonstrated by her regular attendance at meetings, fund-raisers, and activities held in Ryde; this requires her to travel 28 kilometers each way from her home in Hillsdale. She is currently entering her second year as president and has also served two previous terms in this role. Dorothy has held other offices in the Ryde Quota club, and the club has raised from $4000 to $7000 per year for community projects since it was established 38 years ago. Funds raised this year will support Ryde Riding for the Disabled, Kidney Kids, South Pacific Area Scholarship, Signing Santa, and Ryde Cheshire Sponsorship. For many years Dorothy has organized and run a Student of the Year Quest in local high schools, including a function attended by parents, families, friends, and teachers, where the excellence of youth is featured. The Ryde Quota club is proud to name Dorothy Cox as their Volunteer of the Year.

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