2004 Volunteers of the Year

Diane Westcott, Quota International of Collingwood, ONT

Diane Westcott

Quota International of Collingwood, ONT

Diane Westcott is described by members of her club as, “an efficient fund-raiser, dependable and dedicated, committed, and a meticulous accountant.” She joined Quota International of Collingwood in 1992, having returned to Collingwood. She has been a volunteer for over 40 years and says that she enjoys the feeling of satisfaction that volunteering gives her. Her reason and motto for volunteering is “What goes around comes around.” Diane is a main contributor to her club, especially in fund-raising and administering the finances for the Quota club of Collingwood’s Smile Fund. In 1993, this club began the sale of Nevada lottery tickets. The sale comes under the Provincial Gaming Commission and 100 percent of the sales has to be used on a charitable mandate. The Commission has strict accounting rules, so the Smile Fund Account was formed as a separate service account. The Smile Fund mandate matches Quota’s mandate to help disadvantaged women and children. To date, this fund has sent community group home clients to Disneyland, supported a local shelter for battered women, and continuously purchases equipment for hearing and speech-impaired children. Diane’s capable administration and monitoring of this fund ensures that our money is spent in the most needed areas. Diane’s contribution to our world does not stop at Quota. She received the Friend of the Arts certificate and the Province of Ontario volunteer certificate for service to the Blue Mountain Foundation of the Arts. She is actively involved in the Foundation for Fighting Blindness—Ride for Sight and the Canadian Diabetes Association. From 2001-2003, she was the financial coordinator for the Collingwood Elvis Festival, which is the largest Elvis festival held in North America. For the past two years, Diane has modeled clothes to help raise money for the Huronia West Ontario Provincial Police’s D.A.R.E. program, which deals with drug prevention in schools. Diane has helped many, many disadvantaged people over the years. Her contribution in this area alone was recognized in 2003 with a nomination for Collingwood Volunteer of the Year. Even though she was not named in this capacity, she is a winner in everyone’s heart. For all her outstanding community work and friendship, Quota Club of Collingwood honors Diane Westcott. She does not just talk the talk; she thinks globally and acts locally.

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